Virtual Assistant

A good assistant provides more than administrative support. An assistant eliminates much of hassle from your work, alleviating stress and making you more productive.

The Launchpad Team gives you access to virtual assistants who have experience working for international clients and companies of every size. Skilled in time management, communication, data entry, schedule management, travel planning, systems management and more— our assistants facilitate business growth by reducing the number of tasks you and your staff have to perform, allowing you to focus on your priorities.

What you can outsource to a virtual assistant 

Calendar Management

Phone Answering

Travel planning

Follow-up communication

Event management

Deliveries tracking

Logistics coordination

Website management

Contact list management


Progress tracking and monthly reports

Social media management

Presentation preparation and more!

Why outsource to a virtual assistant ?


as your business grows, so do the number of administrative tasks an assistant needs to perform. Outsourcing to The Launchpad Team gives you the agility to scale the responsibilities of your virtual assistant up or down.

Lower cost

even if you have enough work for a full-time assistant, outsourcing this function to The Launchpad Team is a more affordable option.

Dedication and professionalism

our virtual assistants undergo rigorous training. Possessing superb communication and organizational skills, their support has proven invaluable to our clients.

No geographical limitations

outsourcing the function of an assistant removes language and time zone barriers. If your suppliers or clients are based in a different time zone, finding an in-house assistant to perform relevant tasks is a challenge. The Launchpad Team is the answer.

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