Satisfied Clients

I’ve worked with other lead gen companies before and no one has been as thorough as Launchpad during the set up and no one else generated as many leads.  They are very easy to work with.  What I really appreciate was the time they spent with us up front developing the right scripts and coaching our sales team on how best to handle sales calls.

Scott Wadman

CEO, Winfield Medical

Launchpad Coaching (Jason) is so good and helping me uncover what stories (and limiting beliefs) that were preventing me from getting what I wanted. I didn’t’ see results immediately but after 6 months things started happening for me and falling into place almost magically. It was just amazing, business just dropped in my lap, a lot of business. And working with Jason of the past 3 years I doubled my income in the first 18 months, then doubled it again in the next year. It’s amazing.

Christine Sable

Owner, Sable Commercial Realty

Super-hero is an understatement for this impeccable Audacious Outcome Generator. Jason is one of the most genuine, introspective, compassionate and compelling individuals you will ever meet. His ability to connect and create lasting change in the lives of his clients and colleagues is “Magical”. He constantly raises the bar for himself and those around him and I whole-heartedly recommend him without the slightest hesitation. Jason doesn’t just teach peak performance he lives it!

Chris Cooper

Owner, ChrisCooperLive

Launchpad Coaching (Jason) will light you on fire! If you want to take your thinking and your results to the next level, Jason is your guy. His energy and enthusiasm light up the room. I recommend Jason as a personal or business coach to anyone that feels like they have hit a plateau. He will help you figure out what is holding you back, guide you on how to put systems in place to overcome these obstacles and help you master your mindset

Rebekah Richards

Owner & Marketing Strategies Consultant, Jucebox Local Marketing Partners

Earlier this year, D+R International searched for a dynamic duo that would inspire, thrill and provoke not only our leadership team but our entire company to unleash our hidden potential. Jason Drees and Priya found entertaining and educational ways for us to break out of our mindsets and energize our relationships, the business and our achievements. Starting the year with some audacious goals, we knew we had to crack the pall of complacency. Since then, we have experienced radical changes in how we address problems, conflicts and opportunities. We focus more on the WHAT and allow ourselves to be open to the many new ways to get to HOW. Two office moves, 18% revenue growth, new business opportunities, and expanded customer relationships all show that Jason and Priya set us up to succeed.

David Steiner

President, D&R Int'l

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