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Data Profiling & List Generation

Today, businesses aggregate data at the speed of light. Information on customers, employees, vendors, and dozens of other sources come pouring into internal systems. However, in order to continuously derive value from data, it must be proactively maintained. Bad data costs American businesses $3 Trillion ever year. Using outdated information in communication with customers can impact your company’s revenue by as much as 25%. And as we like to say, “Junk in, junk out.”

The Launchpad Team employs a group of highly trained and experienced data profilers and who can make sure that never happens to your business. Targeted list building, data profiling and segmentation and data cleansing are a cornerstone offering of The Launchpad Team.

Why outsource data profiling & list generation?

Cost reduction

paying for the manual work to create or cleanse your list can be time consuming and costly; outsourcing this service to a dedicated team of experts allows you to take advantage of economies of scale.

Dedicated experts

data cleansing and verification require precision, a solid grasp of data management systems, and the ability to spot the tiniest of errors.

Business agility

outsourcing data profiling and list generation allows your business to stay agile as you can scale the project up or down depending on your company’s needs.

Data quality
The Launchpad Team has completed data cleansing and verification projects for hundreds of companies, which means that you can take advantage of the expertise and the tools that are already in place.
List purchasing

 let’s face it—buying a list is ineffective. The data quality is never what you expect and the ROI is never achieved.


We live in an increasingly digital world, where interactions are confined to the text-based format, be it instant messaging or email. While digital technologies have made our lives more efficient, they are making our interactions impersonal. This is exactly why telemarketing will always be one of the most impactful ways of communicating with your prospects. 

Impactful telemarketing requires the right mindset, skill set and strategy to succeed. With only a minute to grab someone’s attention, you need to have well-trained sales reps that are well versed in delivering a powerful pitch and building rapport in a matter of seconds. Does your current staff excel at this? Is this the best use of their time?  

The Launchpad Team has everything you need to turn telemarketing into a powerful customer acquisition tool: highly experienced agents, robust CRM systems, and a solid understanding of a variety of industries. Our methods are transparent, results-driven, and customized to each client’s needs.

What problems telemarketing can address in your company?



Inadequate Sales Pipeline

If your sales pipeline could be use a little filler, it’s time to pick up the phone! Sending an endless stream of emails to prospects is one of the least effective ways to increase sales. Chances are your emails end up in spam folders or are deleted before they are even read. Reaching out to potential clients via a phone call allows you to tailor your message, address objections on the spot, and convert those leads into sales.


Sales Team Turnover

Let’s face it—cold calling is the least favorite activity for any good sales person. Let us take this off their hands and allow them to spend time on higher-value and more enjoyable revenue generation.

Digital Marketing

As your sales team knows, reaching out to contacts who have already expressed interest in the products or services that you offer drastically increases your chances of a deal. Digital marketing is an excellent way to get noticed by your target audience, generate interest, and make them take the first step in a sales cycle – open up a line of communication.

The Launchpad Team offers two types of digital marketing services to its clients: email campaigns and LinkedIn engagement. Both provide direct access to your potential customers and, when executed correctly, offer a sneak peek into their challenges and needs. Armed with this information, your sales executives will be able to provide tailored offerings and reduce the length of a sales cycle.

Benefits of email marketing
  • Cost efficiency: reach thousands of people within your target market without costly investments.
  • Warm leads: by engaging potential customers via email first, you can identify the best approach to turn this user into a paying customer. Extracting such information from email marketing campaigns as the degree of responsiveness, open rates, catchy phrases, and optimal time for reach out will allow you to refine your sales process.
Benefits of LinkedIn marketing
  • Lead mining: LinkedIn is the most comprehensive network of professionals around the world. As such, it is a powerful research and communication tool for sales professionals.
  • Personal touch: engaging your prospects through LinkedIn adds a personal touch to their experience with your company.
  • Lead quality: appointments that result from LinkedIn tend to be more engaged and interested in your product or service. There is nothing better than a sales-ready lead!

What problems outsourced digital marketing can address in your company ?

Organic Growth
Sales is an outbound activity and, while remaining one of the most efficient ways to close deals, requires full-time commitment and a dedicate sales force. Outsourcing digital marketing frees up the time of your sales team by continuously generating warm leads, which can then be turned into paying customers.

Smart Allocation of Resources
Digital marketing – be it via LinkedIn or email – allows even small businesses with limited resources to scale up their message, reaching customers across various demographics and regions. However, marketing is a science, driven by data, experimentation, and knowledge of the digital landscape. The Launchpad Group employs seasoned digital marketing professionals, who can skillfully map out and execute a strategy based on your unique needs.

Hybrid Lead Generation Campaign

A healthy sales pipeline depends on a strong lead generation strategy that is regularly reviewed and adjusted for optimal results. Nobody likes to be sold. Customers are looking to be engaged, to be listened to, and to be heard. Generating and nurturing a lead allows business to do just that – understand potential customers’ individual needs, devise a customized strategy, and showcase how its products or services are best suited to address these customers’ pain points.

While lead generation campaigns drastically improve conversions, they require a substantial allocation of resources in terms of money, staff, and time. For many businesses such commitment is simply not feasible. Outsourcing is the answer. Why hire dozens of new employees, spend time and money on training them, and purchase expensive software when The Launchpad Team has the entire process set up and ready to go? Unlike most outsourcing centers, we offer a hybrid lead generation service, which means our strategy is based on a combination of telemarketing and digital marketing, maximizing our reach and engagement.

Why outsource lead generation ?

Dedicated experts

proper lead generation requires a comprehensive strategy that will connect various interaction points with potential customers and use gathered information to create a detailed profile as a support tool for sales professionals.

Smart resource planning

outsourcing lead generation is a substantially more affordable alternative to running campaigns internally. Coupled with strengthened sales potential, outsourcing this process creates a reliable partner that’s directly invested in the success of your business.

Access to specialized technologies

The Launchpad Team employs industry’s latest tech for such processes as email marketing, data retrieval, data management, and information analysis.

Minimal risk

building an internal lead generation function is a heavy financial investment. As such, it presents serious risks should the results disappoint, especially for small businesses. Outsourcing solves this problem as it gives business owners the flexibility to stop, resume, and pause their partnership at any point.

What problems outsourced digital marketing can address in your company ?

Stronger Engagement

Every user has his/hers preferred mode of communication. For some it’s email, others appreciate quick LinkedIn interactions. Finally, there are those who are best engaged via a phone call. Limiting your outreach efforts to only one mode of interaction reduces the number of people you successfully engage.

Long-Term Strategy & Immediate Results

Telemarketing is typically a more direct approach to lead generation. As such, it delivers faster results. However, successful companies cannot rely entirely on short-term gains. Digital marketing allows businesses to build renewable sources of leads, which, upon initial set-up, require only smaller adjustments.

Stronger Engagement

Email and LinkedIn marketing campaigns engage potential customers on a more consistent basis, nurturing leads over time, and ensuring that appointments that you get are even more qualified and sales ready when we get them on the phone.

Virtual Sales Representatives

Sales is the engine that drives a business forward. In addition to generating revenue, sales representatives communicate your brand’s image and message to the world. Professionalism, reliability, industry knowledge, creativity, and dedication are just some of the qualities a successful sales executive must possess. Finding a qualified person for the role presents a real challenge for many organizations. Furthermore, sales departments see one of the highest employee turnover rates, often times stretching budgetary limitations of businesses to the maximum.

The Launchpad Team is proud to employ some of the best sales representatives on the market. Undergoing continuous training to keep up with industry trends and client needs, our sales team delivers exceptional results. Our consultants are equipped with the latest tools for phone outreach, lead generation, and data management – all to ensure value and quality. Grow your business with an outsourced sales team, built to represent your brand as an extension of your internal team.

Why outsource sales ?

Minimal risk, maximum reward

outsourcing sales processes is significantly more affordable than recruiting and training a team internally. At the same time, working with experienced consultants whose success is directly tied to the amount of revenue they generate for your business ensures results.


as your business grows, you can easily increase your outsourced sales force. No need for additional headcount or office space.

Higher conversion

high-performing sales professionals know how to find an individual approach to each lead. They are trained to overcome objections, stay focused and motivated, and identify uniquely appealing selling points. A significantly smaller number of leads end up getting wasted, resulting in more frequent and larger sales.

What problems outsourced sales can address in your company ?

Company Growth

Very few businesses can grow without an active sales force. While marketing your products and services is important, nothing beats the results-driven nature of sales. However, not everyone is equally successful at building a sales team. It’s a skill that is often honed and refined over time, which is why you want to entrust the responsibility to the most capable and experienced sales professionals.

Customer Insights

A sales representative is often times the first point of contact with a potential customer. As such, he/she gathers vital intelligence on you customers’ needs, preferences, buying habits, budget, and challenges. This knowledge empowers businesses to adjust their strategies in a way that would maximize returns

Conference / Events Call-To-Invite

There are a few crucial factors that make an event a success: sufficient revenue, engaging speakers, and happy attendees. Conference organizers tend to struggle with the last aspect, which creates significant problems. Weak attendance damages the reputation of an event among both sponsors and speakers, which can easily have a long-lasting damaging impact on the organizer.

The Launchpad Team has been working with event production companies for years. We will assist you in ensuring your turnout rate is high and your attendees are engaged. Our team of specialists will assist you with the following:

Making initial contact with prospects to identify potential and increase conversions

Following up with these prospects and inviting them to register

Helping to gather information prior to your event, to ensure a happy and engaged group of attendees

Why Outsource Delegate Acquisitions ?

• Reduced costs

hiring and training a team to run pre-event campaigns are both time consuming and costly. Employee turnover rates in the event production industry are extremely high, meaning you constantly have to pump fresh energy into your sales team.

• Flexibility

if your business is running only one or two events per year, it makes little sense to employ a sales team year round. Not only is it expensive, but these employees are likely to get demotivated during slow periods. Outsourcing eliminates this problem.

• Established systems

having worked on a countless number of events globally, The Launchpad Team has the necessary expertise, staff, and technology to run telemarketing, email, and social media campaigns. We ensure that our agents are continuously trained and technology is up-to-date. Outsourcing allows you to tap into these resources.

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