Medical Billing

Worrying about claims and patient statements is not what medical professionals should spend their time on. Their priority must always be their patients. The Launchpad Team works with clients in the healthcare industry to ensure their time and focus are 100% on their patients.

Using modern technologies and expert staff, The Launchpad Team safeguards its clients from common billing errors and securely manages client data. Acting as a true business partner, we guarantee quality, commitment, and professionalism to our clients.

Why Outsource Medical Billing ?

Reduced costs

your business doesn’t need to worry about salaries, creating an internal infrastructure, or maintaining a billing software. It is all taken care of by The Launchpad.

Focus on priorities

as a medical business, your patients are your priority. Outsourcing billing processes allows you to dedicate more time to your core functions.

Improved patient satisfaction

seeing a medical professional is typically unpleasant for patients for various reasons. If handled inefficiently, medical billing can only add to their negative feelings. Outsourcing the process facilitates a smooth relationship with your patients.

Enhanced cash flow

outsourcing billing to a reliable partner facilitates faster payments. Our staff is trained to maximize the process for higher revenue capture.

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