80% of success is missing from your game plan. What? You’re probably thinking how can this be when you spend hours and hours focused on (& obsessing about) how to hit the next big goal in your business. It’s very simple actually. Success is 80% mindset & 20% mechanics. The actions you will think of will be limited to the level of thinking you’re operating from. So, if you’re not creating innovative – game changing strategies then you’re obviously stuck at a level of mindset that is no longer serving you. It goes like this:

Mindset => creates thought => determines what ideas you will think of

So, if your game plan does not include a mindset expanding (& challenging) approach to problem solving, then there’s a giant (80%) hole in your game plan.
How do you expand your mindset (individually & collectively)? That’s where coaching comes in. Nothing is better at shifting and transforming business mindset than a Business Coach.
The Launchpad Coaching team is made up of Master Business coaches, all with at least 5k hours of experience helping businesses grow & transform. Launchpad Coaches are Masters at helping their clients create businesses breakthroughs faster than they think is possible. It all comes down to:

The Launchpad’s 3 Principles of Success:

  1. Mindset
  2. Focus
  3. Action

A Launchpad Business Coach will help you learn & integrate the 3 Principles of Success into your life and business. You will begin to understand that spending all your day focusing on strategy is one of the biggest mistakes you can make – the biggest mistake that 90% of the world’s population makes.

Would you like to learn?

  1. How to immediately shift your mindset?
  2. How to shift a collective team mindset?
  3. How to hit any goal you can dream of?
  4. How to create an aligned, empowered team that can hit any target?
  5. How to create a culture of success in your organization?
  6. How to optimize you sales funnel & increase revenues by 25% – 40% in 3 sales cycles?
  7. How to create an elevated client experience in your company?

Interested in experiencing what Launchpad Coaching is like? Sign up now for a complimentary 30-minute business coaching session with one of our Master Launchpad Coaches. This session is valued at $1000.00
Shift your business into the fast lane with guidance from Launchpad Coaching.

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