Is your business getting enough high quality leads to fill your pipeline?  Is your flow of new clients large enough that you get to choose only the best clients to work with?  Or does your business end up taking clients that are not a good fit, are difficult to manage and have a negative impact on your team?

If so, you are like most businesses. Most small to medium sized businesses were good at one thing that turned into a business. Maybe it was referrals, maybe it was an industry niche, or maybe it was luck.  Either way, if you’re ready to grow your sales, increase your profitability and find more ideal clients (the kind that pay top dollar for your services & pay on time) – then it’s time to partner with a The LaunchPad. We are not just some office throwing butts in seats to cold call and annoy potential clients to death (like most outsourcing companies do). This is a High Value Outreach program that delivers conversation starting success rates of 5% – 10%.

The Strategy

Prospects are people just like you. They’re overworked and don’t have enough time. They have people & projects pulling them in different directions. The last thing they need is a sales person wasting their time trying to sell them something they don’t need. To get prospects interested in talking you, you only must focus on 1 thing: Delivering something of value to them, something they want to hear.

The Intention

It all starts with intention. Why do you do what you do? It shines through your actions, directs your thoughts and can be felt by the clients.  Intentions can be focused on you or on your prospect.  For example, which intention feels right to you? 

  1. To sell your client something and turn them into a client
  2. Serve your client and make them better off for interacting with you

It makes a massive difference. Set an intention before taking action. Set an intention to serve your client during your interaction. The truth is you don’t have to worry about selling. You simply add value. Some will become clients, some will not.

The Message

What you’re after is to create a powerful message that your client wants to hear, that solves an immediate problem your client has with your products & services.

Your message must:

  1. Get your clients attention (brief, powerful & interesting)
  2. Speak directly to their business problem (or result they want)
  3. Offer an immediate solution to the problem that can be delivered in minutes
  4. Give the client immediate value
  5. Delivers an example of your product & services (or business specialty)
  6. Be powerful enough to get them to ask you for more information


Download the complete formula here: How to Connect with 200 prospects a week


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