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We specialize in high performance outbound lead generation. Our primary service is lead generation & sales appointment setting services for business development. We don’t just outsource a process. We optimize the process using our skill set then we outsource the optimized service for you.

Sales & Marketing

Today, businesses aggregate data at the speed of light. Information on customers, employees, vendors, and dozens of other sources come pouring into internal systems. However, in order to continuously derive value from data, it must be proactively maintained.

Customer Service

While continuously signing up new customers drives a business forwards, retaining existing ones is what creates a solid financial foundation. Exceptional customer support is the key to customer retention. Ensuring your existing customers are happy with your products, are assisted in case of any problems with it, feel appreciated, and continue to purchase from you should be the goal of a customer support center.

Virtual Assistant

A good assistant provides more than administrative support. An assistant eliminates much of hassle from your work, alleviating stress and making you more productive.

Medical Billing

Worrying about claims and patient statements is not what medical professionals should spend their time on. Their priority must always be their patients. The Launchpad Team works with clients in the healthcare industry to ensure their time and focus are 100% on their patients.


Between managing payroll, keeping track of payables and receivables, doing basic data entry, producing monthly financial reports, and a dozen other tasks, bookkeeping can be a nightmare for many businesses. However, there is no way around it. This function must be done and done well.


Debt collection requires a systemic approach, which can prioritize collections, provide resources for research and data management, handle incoming inquiries, and monitor unpaid debt. Creating a robust system comes with significant costs in terms of recruitment and infrastructure.

Why Choose Us?

Hybrid Approach

We e-mail and call your target companies and speak with the decision-makers that meet your pre-defined criteria.


We normally use 3 marketing campaigns at once to maximize our reach to your target audience.

Satisfied Clients

Winfield Medical

I’ve worked with other lead gen companies before and no one has been as thorough as Launchpad during the set up and no one else generated as many leads. They are very easy to work with. What I really appreciate was the time they spent with us up front developing the right scripts and coaching our sales team on how best to handle sales calls.

Scott Wadman, CEO


Working with The Launchpad has really helped us to kick start our customer outreach. They have been receptive to feedback and have worked with us to improve the campaign over time. Our account managers are a pleasure to work with.

Robert Swisher

Founder and CEO

Star Service Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC

We have been working with Launchpad for just over a month now ant things are really starting to take off! Alex has been very successful at setting up great face-to-face meetings.

Tim Edwards

President & Owner

Racca Solutions Group

In follow up to our conversation, I wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with Rachel’s ability to get qualified leads for Racca Solutions Group. All of the phone or face-to-face meetings that she has set up for me have all been extremely well qualified leads and viable prospects. Even the leads that requested information could be potential clients and are worth pursuing further. She also does a great job at documenting her conversations and I can tell that she does a great job of asking fact finding questions. I hope that she can remain on our campaign as she truly is beginning to master the script to ensure that we are getting well qualified leads.

Judy Anderson

Vice President

AWS Solutions Architect – Associate

We engaged Launchpad to conduct a lead generation campaign among senior leadership within target customer segments for our home state. Even during times that have historically been slower periods in our lead generation efforts, Launchpad has continued to exceed our expectations and even their own contractual obligations. It would be difficult to match the value we have received from our marketing dollar elsewhere. We anticipate our relationship with Launchpad to extend well into the future and expect nothing less than continued success and for them to continue being a highly important part of our outbound sales efforts.

Brandon Mullins

Director of Sales & Marketing

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915 Highland Dr, Suite # 250 Roseville, CA. 95678
3rd fl, GV Marketing Bldg, Sta. Ana Avenue Davao City, 8000

915 Highland Dr, Suite # 250 Roseville, CA. 95678

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