Why We Created The Launchpad

After getting tired of seeing customer after customer treated like a number, we realized we had no choice but to follow our hearts to launch a new company.

We knew that we could solve the BPO industry’s most common problem: poor & inconsistent quality of work. To do this, we take a different approach.

  1. First, we set a standard that is above the highest US based companies.
  2. We only recruit the best and run our entire staff through peak performance training by the world’s top business coaches.
  3. We leverage our 20-year history of transforming companies to help discover what needs our clients really have. As opposed to just following a job posting. And we don’t stop there, we dive deep into understanding our clients mission, culture and what’s important to their clients – to deliver a staffing solution that exceeds our client’s expectations.
  4. We don’t just stop once you are on boarded. We work closely with you during a monthly deep dive to constantly optimized your client’s experience.

At Launchpad, our goal isn’t just to satisfy our clients, it’s to wow them. Every team member at Launchpad is in on our mission to help positively impact & transform our client’s business by delivering a level of service & professionalism unseen in even most US based companies.

Isn’t it about time for you to be impressed by your virtual staffing provider?