Mabel Yuzon, COO

Mabel is a seasoned BPO executive with 13 years progressive experience in the industry.

As a neophyte she bagged multiple awards for exceeding all metrics. This paved a way for her to be a quality supervisor and later on came back to operations with a keener sense of maintaining quality in her work all through out.

Being naturally adventurous, she transferred to Davao City from Manila to continue her career as a sales manager for a top BPO. She was later invited to build a center from the ground up and stayed their for four years until she became the site director.

She also became one of the vendor managers for Linksys home and has managed 3 sites for customer service and RMA.

She has handled customer service, sales, technical support, lead generation, appointment setting, and multiple non voice accounts in the length of her career. This makes her one of the few people who has mastered multiple accounts via people and process management. By doing so, she continuously garnered awards given internally and by clients.

Mabel is also a part owner of one of the best after office bars in Davao City. She is also An Active citizen that supports her community via sustainable solutions together with her organization. She is happily married for 8 years and a mother to Alyssa 7 and Alessi 3.

As an industry leader she is dedicated to bringing out the best in her people to make them leaders, to champion client satisfaction, to ultimately clear a path for their careers and open doors for new opportunities. She is customer service-centric and has left a trail of satisfied clients along the way.