Jason Drees, Founder

Jason is passionate, high energy transformational leader that leaves an immediate and lasting impact on all people he meets.  He is also a former business coach & consultant that has been transforming companies for over 20 years.  With extensive experience in the technology space, Jason’s teams have consistently averaged close rates of over 80%. And where Jason really excels is transforming team mindset to break through barriers, company challenges and anything else that stands in the way of success.  Where he really excels is turning good teams into great teams.

  • Over 10,000 hours consulting & coaching businesses
  • Tony Robbins Certified Master Consultant & Coach
  • Has coached over 200 businesses in the past 10 years
  • Former Tony Robbins Corporate workshop facilitator that has delivered company changing events in the US, Australia & the Philippines
  • Successful Entrepreneur – founded and launched 986 Inc – a brand that develops race car driver cooling suits. Company sold to Italian racing company MOMO Italy in 2012
  • Lives in Rocklin, Ca with his wife Alexis and 3 boys, Dash, Magnus & Leonidas

Now behind the helm at The Launchpad, Jason is leveraging his passion to for transforming companies by delivering world class virtual staffing & lead generation services. So, if you’re company has been stagnant or unable to grow past certain levels, you might want to give Jason a call.  You never know, it might just be the one call that changes everything for the better.