Join Our Team

There’s a good chance you probably think (or have heard) that all BPO’s are the same.  In fact, that’s what most people think until they join The Launchpad.

Most BPOs look for staff that can fill positions. At The Launchpad, we approach things a little differently.

  1. Can you do the job?
  2. Will you do the job?
  3. Are you team fit?

# 3 is the most important aspect for us here at The Launchpad, because team is everything here. We succeed or fail together, as one.

Reasons to join Team Launchpad

  1. Aggressive comp plan – we aim for highest in the industry
  2. Profit sharing from day 1 – Every staff member at The Launchpad receives monthly profit sharing – that is tied to our customer’s success. If we have a great month, you might double your income that month. If we fail a customer at a high level, no one gets profit sharing, even the executives.
  3. Strong team environment
  4. Massive opportunity for personal growth through our 2-week Launch training & weekly Launch Boost training.
  5. This is not a job, it’s an experience and it will transform you.

** Caution **

Working for The Launchpad is not a just another job and you must not be just another candidate to be successful here. Our base standard that is expected of everyone is a level of service & professionalism that exceed top US onshore staffing. So, if you’re up for joining a winning team and are willing to push beyond what you thought was possible then reach out to us.

We are actively seeking talented & driven individuals to join our team.
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