8 Reasons Why The Launchpad is different

  1. Training that never ends – this is where the rubber meets the road.  The key to any successful journey is preparation.  We do not take training lightly.  All our agents are put thru a 10-day Launch Training boot-camp – with 1 hour of training every week.
  2. Not just staffing – Launchpad is a team of business transformation experts (coaches, consultants & operational specialists). From first contact with Launchpad, you’ll know something is different. We custom tailor every solution we deliver to maximize the results our clients want.  And we don’t just stop there. We work with our client’s basis to provide business support & help them grow & overcome challenges in their business.
  3. Leadership 1st – there is a big differentiate between leaders & managers. That’s why you won’t find the word manager in any of our titles. Manager spend their time making sure staff does their jobs. In leadership, there is a standard that is required to be met no matter what – and leaders spend their time helping the team grow & become even better
  4. Care of team & clients – life is about people. And work is about people to. We constantly measure the health, success & happiness of our team & our clients and continually work to raise the standard, success & happiness of our team.
  5. Constantly raise the bar – have you ever noticed that one of the most rewarding & fulfilling parts of life is conquering great challenges.  We understand that people come alive thru challenge and victory. The Launchpad’s environment is intentionally created to constantly challenge & reward our team. The result is an amazing team and culture that positively impacts everything we touch.
  6. We love what we do– most of us spend the majority of our waking time at work. The people around you make a massive difference to your experience. The founders of The Launchpad have vowed to create a work experience that leaves an immediate and lasting impression on our team and especially on our staff.
  7. We care about others – you will find that The Launchpad was founded to create a space for employees & clients to be successful. Because employees are your company and if they’re not taken care of, you have no company.  That’s why you’ll find the highest salaries in the industry at The Launchpad. We also donate percentage of all profits to local charities. We even let our clients choose what charity they want their profits to go to.
  8. We work hard & play hard – it’s very easy to get lost in work and miss out on the important things that life is all about, taking vacation is required at Launchpad. And if you are a client missing out on balance, you might receive a gentle nudge from us